Meeting Health, Safety and Hygiene Standards is Casa Spa’s top priority.

We have always taken hygiene seriously by following these steps to eliminate and prevent bacteria and disease:

✅Each steam room is cleaned with disinfectant bleach after each use.
✅All surfaces, including doorhandles and light switches, are regularly sprayed and cleaned with anti-bacterial disinfectant spray.
✅Anti-bacterial hand wash and sanitiser gel is provided to all our team members.
✅Anti-bacterial hand wash and sanitiser gel is readily available for all customers to use during their stay along with the ability to wash their hands with soap and water.

Please do get in contact should you need any further advice. And we hope you enjoy the time at casa spa, BOOK now!

If as a customer you’re feeling unwell prior to your treatment, we’d be happy to reschulde your booking and waive any rescheduling charge provided reasonable notice is provided on the morning of your booking.
All the very best,
Casa Spa